The Pace Group Coaches for West Coast Road Runners have all been certified in coaches training classes developed specifically for marathon training. Head Coaches have also been trained in CPR and/or First Aid. Our Assistant Coaches and Run Leaders are all knowledgeable and are excellent leaders. We could not conduct this program without the help and support of all these individuals. We would like to thank them all for their dedication and commitment to the sport of endurance training. Please see below our coaches for the pace groups.


  • WCRR Head Coach/Mission Bay Organizer – Dan Guillory.
  • Local Organizers – Liz Lichtenberger – Carlsbad, Tim Zacharyasz – Rancho Bernardo.
  • Pace Group Coaches – Mark Bauckman, Joy Robinson, Jessica Thibault, Ron Mahoney, Abhi Patil.
  • Assistant Coaches – Sharon Rhodes, Joey Bryan, Burton Ober, Chuck Ellison, Remmi Molthon,  Mike Serrin, Mike Hartogs, Anne Kendall, Akemi Oguri, Judy Wade, John McGuinness, Pamela Olson, Sandra Villalobos, Denise Mikkonen, Peggy Guillory.

Interested in becoming a West Coast Road Runners coach or organizer?

Are you interested in starting your own marathon training program or being a part of the coaching staff? West Coast Road Runners is interested in expanding it’s programs. If you are a highly motivated person passionate about running or walking and would like to talk to us about starting a program in your area, please contact us at: We will train all our organizers and coaches and provide all the materials for you to be successful. We want people who we can grow with and will help you grow with us. If you are interested in starting a program please contact us at the above email address. We look forward to hearing from you!