Coach Dan, I’d like to thank you and all the other coaches. Just such a great group of wonderful people. I truly love West Coast Road Runners, the members, the coaches, and all the support from everyone. Thank you for everything you do!   GiGi

Coach, as a member of west coast road runners for more than 10 seasons, I’m happy to say, the program always works. I ran RnR San Diego in 5:36. Thanks,   Jorge

Dan, Thanks so much for the training, it made the Rock n Roll Half Marathon easy for me to run the in 2:05! YAY!!   Debbie

Hi Dan,      Just have to share a new PR with you!  Finally, I broke through the 2:30 barrier and made a 2:29 at the Hollywood Half this past weekend! My fastest half before was 2:31 over a year ago. I thought it was never going to happen for me as I just had another birthday and it hit me hard!  At Tuesday’s track there were only a few of us and I thought, yikes, I am the slowest one here but when I first started track, I walked half the time, and now, I can run it so just suck it up and keep on going. Who cares if you are last, you are getting better than you were two years ago. The half started at 6 am, the weather was perfect, lots of hydration on the course and even though there was a nice grade and minor hills, I was prepared. So, now here is the funny part. We check into the hotel and get in the elevator and I look over and there is Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd.  I am a huge fan. All I could hear in my head was him singing, “Run Like Hell”! And so, I took his advice! Thank you so much for having put together such a positive and motivating group of people.  When I was heading full speed ahead to the finish, I heard the announcer give a big shout out to West Coast Road Runners and I flew across to the finish! I don’t think my feet touched the ground!     Pamela


Dan, Thanks for everything this season! I honestly could’ve never accomplished running my first marathon under 3:35 without being a part of West Coast Road Runners this season.  I’m thankful for all of the saturday long runs with good company and wcrr aid stations, all the experience and running and nutrition tips from the coaches, the seminars, and all of the support on race day! I learned a lot from this season and I couldn’t be happier with the results of my first marathon with a Boston Qualifier!! I’m looking forward to this next season!   Thanks for everything,   Ashley


Coaches, I just wanted to thank you for your support out there on the course yesterday.    You were exactly what I needed at exactly the right time with exactly the perfect words.    And even though I couldn’t respond, I listened to every word you said and those words kept me going when I wanted to stop.    So, thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping me going. I appreciated it more than you know.  Have a good week!  Carla    —–  P.S. I also came in 5th in my age group!   Hi Dan,   I ran the Carlsbad Marathon today and finished in 3:42. This is a 12 minute PR!    I wouldn’t have been able to do it without West Coast Road Runners and their Coaches.    Having all the support along the course cheering me on gave me the energy to finish strong.   Your training program prepared me to run the full marathon with the confidence that I would PR today, and I did!    Thanks again, Kevin


Coach Dan, I didn’t want to miss the chance to tell you and my LA coaches Holly, Bob & Maryann how much my first season with WCRR has meant to me. When I attended orientation in January, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first, I woke up that morning doubting that I should be doing this and almost decided not to go. I’m glad I overcame my fear and took the first step. Although I was the last one to return from the 3 mile test run, Coach Holly and others stayed with me offering encouragement every step of the way. I decided this can’t be all that bad and it turned out it wasn’t. I showed up every Saturday morning and with each step, gained strength & confidence. My family, friends & co-workers started to notice a transformation in me. On the final Saturday before the marathon, I trained with Coach Bob and he told me I should actually think about moving up to the next group since I have shown so much improvement in my running. Beaming with pride, I told him I wanted to stay with LA but would continue to push myself. I am definitely not the same person that showed up at orientation 5 months ago and I proved it by completing my first half marathon yesterday in 3 hours, 16 minutes and 29 seconds and who was beside me..Coach Holly. I gained so much this season (weight loss, better control of my health issues and new friends) and I am so glad I didn’t let my fear stop me. Thank you Coach Dan, Coach Holly, Coach Bob and Coach Maryann for your encouragement and words of wisdom because now I can actually say I am a runner! See you all at orientation in July. Stephanie


RnR SD – 4:18 PR – – I took 18 minutes off of my PR and wouldn’t have been able to do it without WCRR!! Thank you so much for everything! – Amelia


Dan, When Lee and I were thinking about running our first half marathon we were not to sure how we going get started this journey, we found your web site and went to an informational meeting about WCRR. At this informational meeting you were enthusiastic and honest and told us that “You can guarantee two things – you will not finish the race first – but you will finish and have fun”. We want to thank all of the coaches and you because of your guidance and encouragement we finished our first half marathon and you were correct “We did not come in first place, we had a great experience and finished the race”. Our times for the San Diego 2013 Rock N Roll Half Marathon was: Netty: 2:54 Lee: 2:49


Patty Gonzales – Biggest Loser Contestant 2007 – “When I signed up only 5-6 weeks ago, My goal was to merely finish the 13.1 miles. Now I am encouraged to decrease my time and continue training.

It’s amazing that only 6 months ago I was a morbidly obese lifeless couch potato! This week I accomplished the unheard task of finishing a half marathon! WOW!

Thanks for the great coaching and motivating spirit! West Coast Road Runners program has been an essential tool for my training and my success.



Back in January I struggled to complete 3 miles, and yesterday I became a marathoner. Along with my race finish time (4:29), I want to say a HUGE thanks to you and all the WCRR coaches. Running the marathon was an enormous accomplishment for me, and something I’d wanted to do for a long time but never had enough discipline or motivation. WCRR was the motivation and support I needed. Everyone in the group, coaches and members, are so positive and supportive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or a veteran, if you’re fast or slow. I was so surprised and grateful for all these “strangers” cheering me on during the training runs, whether they were passing me or I was passing them. WCRR is a phenomenal group and I’ll recommend it to anybody. Those last 6 miles were excruciating, but I pushed through it and when I crossed the finish line I felt completely exhausted and unbelievably proud. Thanks WCRR! Pedro


Dan, I blasted my time from last year! Last year I ran a 5:33:33, this year I ran a 4:16:56! Over an hour and 15 min difference! I just wanted to thank you for another great season and I’ll see you next season. I’ll be training for the Los Angeles and Vegas half!   Zana


Love you guys!! I sing your praises all the time. I ran the RnR half at 2:40 and was pleasantly surprised since when I signed up with WCRR my intent was to walk it in under 4 hours. Imagine how proud not only my family was of me but the sense of empowerment I felt crossing the finish. It’s been days since the race but I still can’t stop smiling and look forward to doing it all over again! I feel amazing and I truly owe it all to WCRR. You believed in me and now there’s no stopping me! Woohoo!!! See you at the reunion run. Sincerely, Lolita


I would like to thank you for all your help through this past 5 months of training. I finished the Marathon in 4:41:08, which was a 44 minute improvement over my first marathon which I had trained for without help. I was much stronger throughout the entire race due to all the training and the hills in particular! I really appreciated the coaches who were there supporting us from mile particularly 18 through 26. Thanks Coaches — your running with me really helped.   Terry


What a great feeling!! It was everything as advertised and more. I have never been a runner in my life and as a 48 year old “geezer” I never so much as participated in a 5K let alone a Marathon!! I joined your group in January with the sole ambition to run the Rock and Roll Marathon. I worked my — off and followed religiously your marathon training program, as well as the outstanding guidance provided by the West Coast Road Runners coaches, and it paid off in spades. While surprising myself weekly by incrementally increasing my distance, strength, and endurance during our Saturday morning runs, I also gradually increased my confidence to the point where I was able to enter into this marathon knowing that I had done everything necessary to complete this amazing feat, and by God I pulled it off. I’d be lying if I were to say that I did not have a little doubt before doing it, but I was in just about the best shape of my life and I vowed that I would complete that bad boy if I had to crawl across the damned finish line. I also must say, seeing all of the coaches out there along the marathon route, cheering me on during the later miles, was absolutely awesome and I think very helpful as well, and I did finish in what I consider a respectable 4:39. I am very happy and extremely proud and so appreciative to all of you who helped me to achieve this amazing goal. Thank you all so very much.   Scott


I did it, ran my first marathon today and I honestly can say that I couldn’t of done it without your support and that of the other coaches and all the other amazing runners in our group. This day is one that I will hold as one of my top three for the rest of my life and thank you and everyone at WCRR for making this possible. You said that after I crossed the finish line I will feel like I can do anything and you are right, no fear. A million thank yous!   Estela


Thank you and your great staff for an amazing training season. I could not have made a better choice for this marathon. Keep up the good work You all rock!!! Anna


I was over 50 when I started. 30 pounds overweight, out of shape and couldn’t walk a quarter mile without difficulty, and definitely very slow. I am now 52, lost those 30 pounds, I can now walk under a 12 minute timed mile, did a half marathon in under 3 hours and just finished my first marathon in Catalina this past month. And it felt like just another training day. — Karen from the LA group


I love WCRR! The group and coaches have inspired me to believe in me. The camaraderie and discovery of new places to run have added a wonderful dimension to my running experience. I have faith, trust in the process, and know that I will cross that finish line in June. Thank you Coach Dan and crew! You all are the best. Tina


I want to take a moment and thank the ENTIRE staff and members of WCRR, you were my strength and motivation when I needed it during the season and yesterday. I shaved an 1 hour, 7 minutes off my first marathon yesterday – and I cried – I have NEVER been a runner, nor athletic for that matter and yesterday I saw a finish line I would never have imagined about a year ago. During the season I was asked, �what are you running from? This question plagued me, and I kept coming to the same answer; my future. When I crossed the line yesterday I cried for so many reasons; I knew I had broken my time barrier The fact I was able to sprint the last .4 mile The realization that I can do ANYTHING More importantly, I can have it all – a healthy, work, social, and personal life. Dan, from the bottom of my heart I thank all of you – thank you for believing in me even when I did not. I will be back next season and I want to shave another 35 minutes, so let the hard work begin. Cheers, Jaks


Great run yesterday by Lake Hodges! Even though Vern and I live close by, the WCRR spring run is the only time we actually get on that trail. And I LOVE our new shirts!! I can’t believe this is our third season. We’ve come a long way in the past year and we wanted to give kudos to Holly and Bob. Bob was the first person I saw when we arrived for our first Saturday run and he was so welcoming and friendly that I was immediately at ease. I’ve learned so much from Bob over the past year. Whenever I have a question or a concern, he offers fabulous advice that gets me back on track. His half marathon times are better than mine and my goal is to keep up with him on one of these races. Can’t say enough about Holly, either. She’s a true leader, Dan. Holly’s first priority is to make sure we’re all safe and know the route. It’s a great comfort to know someone’s watching out for you, especially as the miles get long and we get spread out. Vern has ‘graduated’ to the new Vegas group and he feels better knowing that he’s leaving me in Holly’s and Bob’s care. While I’m at it…I can’t leave out Ric and Chuck. They make track training a great experience. Their care and encouragement keep us injury free and make us want to show up week after week. We’re loving this adventure more than we ever dreamed. Kudos to our awesome coaches! Lorrie